Revolutionizing Vineyard Irrigation

vineyard irrigation eqquipment at Sugarloaf Mountain vineyard

We’re farmers, not politicians. So the fact that Atlas Vineyard Management is part of a revolution is pretty surprising. But sure enough, it’s true. As of April we’ve signed onto a trial we believe will revolutionize vineyard irrigation. If we’re right and the technology works, it will revolutionize farming grapes, making wine and conserving water, too. But let’s back up Continue Reading →

Bud Break Climbs Up West Coast

bud break for the 2014 grape growing season

Bud break has arrived in the vineyards Atlas farms, announcing the start of the grapegrowing season. (See “What is Bud Break?”) Development in our vineyards is averaging seven to 10 days ahead of average, according to Francisco “The Professor” Araujo, Director of Quality Control and Technological Winegrowing Operations for Atlas Vineyard Management. Even though the grapes are just now making Continue Reading →

Oregon 2013: Balanced flavors and richness


It was the second week of September when Ken Kupperman called the first pick at the vineyards he oversees for Atlas Vineyard Management in Oregon. The weeks since have been a flurry of activity, as vineyard sites reached maturity at the same time and the state finished one of the quickest harvests in its history. “It’s a blur,” Ken says. Continue Reading →

When to Pick for Varietal and Wine Style


We’ve already harvested much of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir growing at vineyards we manage in California’s North Coast. But how do we know when to harvest? As the in-house winemaker for Atlas Vineyard Management and our Northern California regional manager, Anthony Weytjens works directly with clients talking about the optimal time to pick. For larger sites and wineries with Continue Reading →

Harvest Quality: It’s in Your Hands


When it comes to creating high-end wines, winemakers have been using the same recipe for hundreds of years: limit oxygen exposure, age with toasted oak and harvest by hand. At Atlas Vineyard Management, we hand-harvest all of our vineyards. There are many reasons we choose hand harvesting over mechanization, but they are all part of the same goal: quality.When it comes Continue Reading →

Establishing a Dry-Farmed Vineyard


For many wine consumers—and even some of us in the industry—the term “dry farming” conjures up images of gnarled old Zinfandel vines in California’s Central Valley and Sierra Foothills. But dry farmed vineyards exist all over the state, and during the past year Atlas Vineyard Management has helped property owners convert one traditionally irrigated vineyard to dry farming and Continue Reading →

Journey Towards Greatness


“I was awoken from my slumber and crawled out of the vineyard AirStream as our 2013 harvest began. It was wet and misty but the radios and lights were blaring as our magnificent crew hand harvested another amazing crop of fruit. The fruit hit the winery about 7 am and it is now beginning its journey towards greatness!” Photo courtesy Continue Reading →

Thank You and Good Night


Once harvest begins at vineyards along California’s Central Coast, everyone from the picking crew to the winery intern is non-stop busy. So it really touched our hearts when Bill Wenzlau took the time to drop us a line and let us know how happy he was with the job Jim McGarry and the Atlas Vineyard Management team did picking a 4-acre Continue Reading →

Harvest Begins Across California, Oregon on Track for September Start


Harvest is off to an early start in many of the vineyards we manage on the West Coast. Beyond the properties in Oregon and California’s Central Coast (more on them later), Atlas farms vineyards in California’s Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Our Director of Quality Control Technical Operations, Francisco Araujo, called the first pick Aug. 12, when the team harvested Continue Reading →